Upcoming surfers

Upcoming surfers
I love how surfing is not just a sport but a way of life for so many of us who can’t resit the waves. Seeing young surfers coming up in the sport excites me because they are constant innovating and have the benefit of learning from old pros. The sharing of skills is also an integral part of surfing culture.
The result is a supportive community where competitiveness is exciting rather than soul destroying. Making waves in the sport side of the culture are:
Barron Mamiya: Aged 18, this surfer was brought up in the waves of Hawaii borrowing gear from others around him which has given him a magnificent understanding of different board types and styles. Having started surfing at age 3 this guys level of passion for the sport is undeniable and his almost fearless nature gives him an edge that many much more experienced surfers can’t help but admire.
Jack Robinson: Aged 20, Jack’s aggressive style has seen him become one of the worlds best barrel riders. With the amazing distinction of being named #1on the annual Hot 100 Junior’s list form Surfer’s Magazine at only 14 it is no spurs that today he is one of the highest paid junior surfers in the world thank to him signing a lucrative deal with Billabong.

John Mel: Aged 19, this guy comes from the equivalent of surfing royalty. His dad is Pete Mel and he is named after his Santa Cruz surfing legend of a grandfather, John Mel. With a backstory like that it is no surprise that the Junior Mel has won the US surfing championships not once, but twice. He is also something of a style icon in addition to his talents on the board and he can be found modelling for Pottery Barn Teen and Quicksilver when he’s not taming the waves.
Macy Callaghan: Aged 18, this rising star of the surfing world is within inches of the world tour. Having won the World Junior Championships when she was only 14 Callaghan is now competing full time and holding up admirably well to the much more seasoned competitors on the qualifying series.
I’ll be eagerly following these young and talent surfers thought their careers and look forward to seeing how their achievement shape the surfers coming up behind them too.

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