Unusual surfing destinations and what you will need there

Unusual surfing destinations and what you will need there
The feeling of hitting the swells and catching a well timed wave is something that I don’t think anything else can quite compare to. The beach I grew up surfing had such a variety of currents and wind patterns that you very rarely got the same wave twice which was am amazing way to hone my skill and as I got older and traveled to other beaches I was hugely grateful for the learning curve that my somewhat unpredictable beach had given me; Instead of being daunted by new challenges, I relished them. So much so that I have combine my love of travelling with surfing and actively seek out interesting and unusual surfing spots.
Top of my surfing bucket list are:
Just about as far north in Europe as you can lies Iceland, known for its glaciers, volcanoes, cold winters and sunlit summers. Iceland is also the perfect place fo surfers who want to get away from the crowds, not many people have braved its waters to surf but boy is it going be worth it. Heading there between March an October will see the biggest and coldest waves thanks to the number of storms that batter the coast but going in summer means that you will have unlimited surfing time due to the fact that the sun almost never sets at the height of the Icelandic summers.
What you will need to wear: A thick wet suits, those waters are icy cold! Get yourself a 5-6 mm Wet suit and due to the very sharp and rocky reefs in the water you might even want to invest in some extra padding and possibly even a helmet to keep your self safe. A toasty warm dry robe fro when you get out of the water is not a bad idea either.
River surfing in Canada
I’ve been watching the rise of river surfing with growing interest for the past few years now. It is claimed that river surfing was first coined in 1955 when a few intrepid souls took their boards to the River Severn and rode the tidal bore for 1.5 miles. Today the sport has taken on a life of its own and is especially popular in Canada where Calgary and the Lower Kananaskis River are quickly becoming a mecca fro people eager to try out river surfing. Balance is the name of the game with river surfing and I can’t wait to try it out
What you will need to wear:
River surfing does require some extra bits of kit, if you are planning on incorporating a trip on the river into a holiday then do your research before hand and hook up with river surfing organisations and shops who will be able to rent you the required goods, after all surfboards are notoriously difficult to fit under the seat in front of you for take off and landing! Similarly to the cold waters of Iceland you re going o need a thick wet suit with feet and hand covering and a helmet is a must. Leashed are not used in river surfing but you may find that extra fins on your board are helpful.
I love experimenting with the world of surfing and can’t wait to visit these two destination in real life, check back for update when I get there!

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