Surfing fashion brands

Surfing fashion brands
I’m all about living in my board shorts but sometimes you need to get some fancier togs for nights out or the times when you finally wash all the sand and salt out of your hair. I was a bit of a tomboy growing up so fashion was a bit daunting for me. When I first started paying more attention to what I wore and how I styled it I would poll my more more fashionable friends to find out what they were wearing and why. To make it even better, they would also point me in the direction of some great Groupon deals that I could use to get my hands on the aforementioned attractive attire. If you are struggling with knowing where to start read over some of my favorite brands that will have you looking good in no time.
Hidden Way for women
I love The Hidden Way clothing, and no, I’m not on their payroll (honest). I’ve said before that I was quite the tomboy growing up so it might seem unusual then that I am so enamored with a brand that pretty much only sells dresses. But what dresses these are, they are the perfect blend of comfy yet classy. I can throw them easily over my bikini to use as a beach cover ups or I can easily style them as login out cloths with the right accessories. My current favorite is the Maggie Iris cutout dress that makes me feel like a million dollars when I’m out and about.
The Beach People for accessories
Accessories are where I feel like I’m on firmer ground, when I’m out surfing I have my favourite towels and bags but when I’m out to just relax with friend an enjoy a beach picnic with a side of people watching,I want to use something that has a bit more luxe to it. I love the round towels from The Beach People. At 150 cm in diameter they are big enough for more than one person to curl up on and the designs they come in are absolutely ace for a stylish looking day out. Their bath towels are great for a quick drying option and I personally like using the stonewash range; 100% cotton but looks like denim, they really get your dry and warm quick. The tote bags on offer are super spacious and I especially like the macrame bags because the holes mean I don’t tote half the beach home with me.
Alphabet Soup for kids
If you have little ankle biters running around then you will love this range of kid friendly clothes. There is wide range of clothes to choose from that are perfect fro family fun on the beach, kids play days and even some chino shorts that are ideal for more formal occasions. My sisters kiddos especially like their new range that features retro like patches and designs on the clothes. The tie-dye range takes us both back to our own childhoods. My youngest nephew positively lives in his palm tree design button up shirt. It’s made from 100% cotton so is super comfy and my sister says it washes well (apparently very important for kids clothes).

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