Surf boards for beginners

Surf boards for beginners
Surfing can easily become a life long passion. Perhaps you have had a couple of sessions or go out on a friends board when you get together, however your journey to surfing started you are now at the point where you are ready to but your first board.
There are literally hundreds of thousand of options when it comes to purchasing a board and the sheer volume of options can easily overwhelm you. Heading to a reputable surf shop is always a good idea, getting info from the experts is always a good idea but do ask around your more knowledgeable friends for a recommendation. Many shops make commission on the boards they sell and you don’t want to be pressured in buying an expensive board that isn’t what you need.
For getting your first board, here are some questions to consider and some good rules of thumb to keep in mind:
How often are you going to be surfing?
If you are only planning on surfing a handful of times a year your boar is going to differ from if you are planning on surging every day and want to really hone your skill and challenge yourself.
Look at the practical side of things.
How are you going to get your board from place to place? If you are planning on walking your board down to the beach, weight will be a factor. If you plan on driving to the beach do you want to be able to fit the board in your car or do you have the equipment to attach it to the top of your car (and are you happy to drive around with a surfboard on top).
If you are new to surfing, making some clever choices will make your learning curve easier and fun!
Volume is you fired when you are first starting out. A board with more volume means it will float easier which is ideal for newbies and will help you get to grips with the basics.
Durability is very important, you are going to invest money in a board and then basically know ck lumps out of it as your learning curve progresses. Get yourself a board that can take the knocks and live to tell the tell.
These are just my two cents on board buying for the first time, I really can’t stress enough how important it is to get expert advice and do your own research.

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