New trends in surfing style

New trends in surfing style
In the early 2000’s it seemed as if everyone and their mum was carrying a quicksilver wallet or had a Billabong hoodie to throw over their carefully picked out enemy when the evening turned chilly. It didn’t matter if surfing was a way of life or if individuals had never set foot on the sand before. Brands that once were exclusively used by surfer started popping up in fashion based stores and magazines that only ever used boards as props. The relaxed and easy feel of surfer fashion suddenly became a look that people put hours into perfecting. Guides to getting effortless’ beach hair that took hours, and bottles of products to get were becoming the norm, not to mention raising wry styles from surfers who got the look with actual no effort thanks to them being, well genuine surfers!
Fashions change and it wasn’t long before the board shorts and roxy cardigans were shoved to the back of the fashion world’s wardrobe as the next big trend came down the catwalk. The relaxed style of the surfing world was the main selling point of is mainstreaming and it is interesting to note that the commercialization of skate wear was much more long lived and successful that that of surfing. Both styles are similar in many ways, yet skating’s popularity is perhaps down to its accessibility and closer reaction to street and underwear that surfing.
History repeating itself
While we are no longer shaking it like a polaroid picture and haven’t downloaded music from Limewire for a while now it is inevitable that trends com aback around. If this years recent spring fashion showcases are anything to go by then it is safe to say that surfer chic’s number has come around again. High fashion brand such as Baja East, Michael Kors and Fenty Puma all embraced iconic surfing images like palm leaves and the ever present hibiscus flower in many of their designs. Unlike the fashion explosion of the 2000’s this iteration has somewhat shied away from the bagger is better aesthetic and instead have use the motifs on a much slinkier and high fashion range of products. Think silk bomber jackets rather than board shorts.
The Fenty Puma range has take surfer fashion in a much more badass, than relaxed, direction. Personally I am loving the surf leash choker that brings this vital piece of surfing equipment a edgy fashion makeover. Coming soon from this range is the hotly anticipated fitted race jacket for women. This skin tight, zippered jacket includes every surfers favourite thumb holes in the sleeves, and comes in either a cherry tomato or bluefish colour palette that gives it an almost retort 80’s vibe that matches perfectly with the surfer aesthetic.
We will never know how long this iteration of surfer fashion will last for. Personally I have never been huge fan of the ubiquity hibiscus flowers and am keen to see the badassness of Fenty Puma give the surfer look a bit of a make over.

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